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Russia, Yekaterinburg



Stephani "Стефа"
breeder: Storchevaj, "Alsting"
owner: Storshak Alisa
д.р 08.08.1999
Чемпион России, Ветеранский BIS2
Veteran BIS2,  RusCh, 2xBIG3, BIG2, BIG4,

Nyitramenti Polonaise

Ch Brilyn Double Ace

 Dolen Double Brandy at Brilyn

Ch Brilyn Supertramp

Spungold of Dolen

 Ch Matai Satin 'N' Lace at Brilyn

Ch Brilyn Supertramp

Ch Matai Flaming Jenny

Ch Claredawn Stars in Her Eyes

Cramar Gold Accolade at Erjon

Brettonpark Country Tweed

Erjon Polly Packer

 Stilglen Sweet Solitaire of Claredawn

Rokeby Reprint

Stilglen Lady of The Isles

Royal Pearls Whiff Rising


Ladylike With All My Heart

Mallicot Sandy Storm

Mallicot Love Storm

Elsamos Moonstruck of Mallicot

Frisky Insigne of Downy

Jutan Mamive

Beautiful Golden Frezy

Royal Pearls Gold Double Divident


Heathbell Black Jim Crow

Shouldbetrue di Cambiano

Reval Pamparix Golden Frou-Frou

Karlin Jutana

Jutan Mamive

Rock Karina Scott



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