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Draco Flame Of Akai Mystery

 Draco Flame Of Akai Mystery "Airis"
owned by Elena Shumeiko & Elena Sargsyan, Russia, Rostov na Dony
д.р 01.06.2007
June Rus Champion, Rus. Ch

Ch Elsamos Star Traveller

Ch Amalie Deep in my Soul 

 Ch Riding's Deep in my Heart

Timeless Twilight's Fame or Fortune 

Riding's Red Riding Hood 

Ch Amalie Sweet Surprise 

 Mallicot Ace of Base

Ch Amalie Sucha Surprise at Belrah 

Elsamos Moonglow 

Ch Elsamos Starflash 

Geosan Flashback at Mallicot 

Elsamos Moon Dreamer 

 Elsamos Moon Dreamer

 Ch Abbeywater Faberg? at Evad

Mallicot Paper Doll at Elsamos 

Ch Monsolana Suntwist

Amalie Sun Lovin Boy

Samhaven Made in Devon

Amalie Mild Affair

Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm

Amalie Miss Chanel

Ch Pepperstone Piccolino

Amalie Designed With Love

Monsolana Sunskrit

Ch Xplorer of Slatestone

Ch Riding's Deep in my Heart

Unchain my Heart of Slatestone

Ch Gerian Sunlovin

Ch Gerian Sundance at Buebezi

Gerian Elsette Foxy Lady



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